Building Energy & Sustainable Technologies, Inc. (BEST Energy) is committed to remaining a leader in the Green Building and Green Building Retrofit consulting, training, design, and technology solutions market.

Development of a technically sound energy reduction strategy combined with proper project management and oversight ensures that the gains recognized are not at the expense of future liability, projected energy consumption reductions are validated, building life-cycle costs are minimized during construction, maintenance, renovation & operation and the Client’s Return-on-Investment is maximized.

Our multi-faceted approach results in the development of a Comprehensive Energy Reduction Strategy that incorporates 1) Benchmarking & Performance Measurement of current building energy usage, 2) development of a Customized Product and Technology Solution and 3) review & incorporation of applicable Federal, State and Local Tax Incentives and Rebates.

BEST Energy offers a wide range of services relating to Energy Productivity, Mechanical System Efficiency, Building Envelopes and Renewable Energy to building owners, facility managers, architects, engineers and constructors.


BEST Energy provides a critical bridge to assist Facility Managers to understand and incorporate appropriate technologies, services and products that reduce facility Energy Consumption, improve Energy Efficiency and maximize Savings by providing access to state-of-the-art technologies in the Energy Management Market.


BEST Energy is currently working with several US-based Clean Technology companies to review and verify existing product performance documentation and assisting these Clean Technology companies with the development of market strategies to incorporate demonstration projects, rebate programs and tax incentives which can facilitate mainstreaming and accelerate commercialization of several innovative Clean Technologies.


BEST Energy works with the facility managers to identify and incorporate a range of ’Best Practices’ to plan, design, construct and operate healthier, more energy – and resource – efficient facilities. Integration and optimization of the major high-performance building attributes (Energy Efficiency, Durability, Life-Cycle Performance, Occupant Productivity) requires use of multiple environmentally efficient technologies that can address air/water infiltration and provide a durable low maintenance finish that also reflects visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun (Solar Reflectance), reduces heat transfer to the underlying substrate (Thermal Conductivity) & effectively radiates absorbed, or non-reflected solar energy (Emittance).


Wind; Solar; Geo-thermal



Heat-Absorbing Infrastructure (Hardscape) covers about 60 percent of urban surfaces (Roofs: 20-25%; Pavement: 30-45%), and absorb more than 80 percent of the sunlight that contacts them. This energy is converted to heat, which results in hotter, more polluted cities, and higher energy costs. Heated Infrastructure continues to radiate heat after sundown (Urban Heat Island).

ThermaCote® is an ENERGY STAR single component spray applied Low VOC, Thermal Barrier Coating encompassed of ceramics and acrylics (water based). ThermaCote® is easy to apply in new or retrofit construction and enhances the thermal performance of Insulation, HVAC Duct Work, Wall Systems, and Roof Systems for all types of substrates; including metal, brick, cement block, concrete, wood, or sheet rock. When used as the Primary Thermal Envelope (PTE), ThermaCote® effectively seals the substrate, minimizes Solar/Radiant Heat Gain, minimizes extreme temperature fluctuations & reduces maximum substrate surface temperatures.

ThermaCote® is a Cool Material that coats the substrate to provide a durable low maintenance finish that also reflects visible, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths of the sun (Solar Reflectance), reduces heat transfer to the underlying substrate (Thermal Conductivity) & radiates absorbed, or non-reflected solar energy (Emittance).

ILLUMRA Self-powered Wireless Controls specializes in lighting control and energy management systems for buildings and industrial facilities. ILLUMRA products operate using the EnOcean radio standard. The technology used in ILLUMRA products has been successful in Europe since 2002; the ILLUMRA product line is a customized version of this technology created for optimal performance in the U.S. and North American markets.


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