The new company Building Energy & Sustainable Technologies, Inc. (BEST) focuses on Green Building and Green Building Retrofit consulting, training, design, and technology solutions. BEST offers a wide range of services relating to:

Energy Audits; LED Lighting; Wireless Control Technology – Occupancy Sensors, Day-lighting and HVAC Controls
Wireless Heating Thermostat & Control Valves; HVAC/Chiller/Refrigeration Energy Reduction Catalyst
Cool Roofs; Thermal Barrier Technology; Weatherization
Wind; Solar; Geo-thermal
BEST has obtained regional distribution rights to a number of very unique energy products including:
  • Self-powered wireless control systems for lighting & HVAC, self-powered wireless occupancy sensors and self-powered wireless day-lighting controls (IllumraTM Self-Powered Wireless Controls);
  • Wireless heating control valve actuators, wireless thermostats (Kieback & PeterTM);
  • A spray-applied thermal bridging product that also works very effectively for “cool roof” applications (ThermaCoteTM);
  • HVAC/Chiller/Refrigeration Catalyst and Industrial Actuators for Centrifugal Refrigeration Systems that significantly reduces electrical energy consumption (Compressor Energy ReductionTM) associated with both A/C and Refrigeration applications.

We are an authorized distributor for two LED “Energy Star” bulb replacement lighting manufacturers.  Short-term we are currently OEM/ODM importing and private labeling LED tube and LED specialty bulb lighting products. Long-term we hope to set up and conduct micro-assembly in the US for our private label T-8 LED tubes.

Currently we are in cooperation with several small US based companies located in Georgia, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Utah and Vermont to try and mainstream some very innovative energy related technologies.

We are working with several Utility Energy Rebate Programs to incorporate several of the new products and state-of-the-art energy efficiency technologies into their existing rebate programs.  Incorporating rebate approvals within both Utility and NYSERDA Programs will not only provide additional energy and cost savings, but will also expand installation opportunities available to the local construction business community.  Hopefully, we will contribute to additional job creation opportunities by increasing the availability of cost-effective “rebate eligible” alternative technologies for achieving energy reduction through Green Building Retrofits.

Contact us if you would like to set up a meeting to review or discuss any of these technologies further.